The Training Support Division (TSD), also known as the Capacity Building Division is the backbone of ifmsa-Iraq.It’s concerned with building the capacity and skills of members in order to provide a better quality of work. This is done by holding training sessions and workshops concerning a particular topic according to the needs of the organization.

The Training Support Division has over 29 trainers certified internationally by ifmsa, has managed to provide 100 hours of training during 2015 2016, and held the first internationally 
recognized TNT within ifmsa-Iraq in the last term. The Training Support Division determines the topics of training based on the organization’s needs via a needs assessment form and according to the temporal need of the organization


The Training Support Division offers trainings on:

1-Emotional Intelligence

2- Leadership

3- Communication Skills

4- Body Language

5- Team Management

6- Motivation

7- Active Listening

8 -How to Hold Meetings

9 -Delegation

10- Facilitation

11- Intercultural Learning

12 -Feedback

13- Creative Thinking

14-Presentation Skills

15- Project Management

16- Time Management


And many more!


Arshed AlShammar, 2014 2015 

Abdulrazaqِ AlJadir, 2015 2016

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