The Daily Challenge


The Daily Challenge

Conducted by SCOME, the concept of this project is to set up a board near the cafeteria and
posting whatever we find "medically" amusing on it, this ranges from questions on a daily basis
(which could be answered by all grades) and raising awareness about diseases including
cholera, AIDS and breast and prostate cancer to writing jokes, wishes and anatomical drawing
by the students. Everything is prepared in a way to attract the attention of every student nearby.
On Thursdays, 5 students who answered correctly would be publicly chosen and announced as
winners based on lottery.


  • To freshen up and revive the college atmosphere and get rid of the boring daily routine.

  • To make medical education a more cheerful experience to the medical students themselves
  • To increase knowledge of the fresh medical students and to refresh the memory of the
    advanced ones.

  • To provide a way for medical students to discuss questions with each other, also, to help in
    making new friendships between different grades.

  • To raise awareness about issues concerned with medical students like AIDS, breast cancer,
    and prostate cancer. 



The Daily Challenge took place in

Baghdad Medical College

 AlIraqia University/College of Medicine

 AlNahrain University/College of Medicine

 AlKindy College of Medicine

 AlMustansirya College of Medicine

Wasit College of Medicine

Najaf College of Medicine

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