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The Standing Committee on Human Rights and Peace (SCORP) is one of the earliest committees to be activated within ifmsa-iraq.
It aims to bring together medical students from different backgrounds and give them the tools needed

to be the future human rights advocates in the world. SCORP works to shape future Iraqi physicians that are equipped with the necessary knowledge 

 to lead the change and their community and be on the front lines inresponding to emergencies and crises.

The recent crisis of the internally displaced Iraqis (IDPs)

and refugees has been a primary example of the way SCORP

works and allows medical students to do the necessary humanitarian interventions.


Main Projects

In Iraq, SCORP has over 7 on going projects and over 40 events with IDPs and 15 events

1-Work with IDPs

2-Child Motivation and Support.

3-World Human Rights Day

5-Keep it Green

6-Farha (Happiness).

7-Mental Health


SCORP’s Team

  • Sara AlBayati, National Officer 2013 2014

  • Mustafa Safaa, National Officer 2014 2015
  • Haider A. Alataby, National Officer 2015 2016
  • Furqan Kadhim
  • Humam Thamer
  • Ameer Kamal
  • Marwa Saad
  • Ahmed Baha’Aldeen
  • Almostafa Kadhim
  • Hassan Riyadh
  • Niyan Agha
  • Fakhar Yaroub


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