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The Standing Committee on Sexual and Reproductive Health including HIV/AIDS (SCORA) is
committee that was activated later on in ifmsa-iraq’s
journey, in the summer of 2014. SCORA
aims at providing medical students with the knowledge and skills necessary to be the future
leaders on some of the most sensitive yet important issues in the Iraqi community including
maternal and child health, sexual and reproductive health and rights, comprehensive sexuality
education and women’s rights.
SCORA works to break boundaries and introduce critical conversations to our community in the
defence and help of the vulnerable overlooked population. In SCORA, everyone works and
participates with complete freedom and harmony, everyone is respected, and everyone fighting
for a community that focuses on the health of women and children, respects and empowers
women, and openly engage in spreading awareness on reproductive health and rights


Main Projects

In Iraq, SCORA has over 6 projects and has done over 30 events collectively

1-Detect and Protect (Breast Cancer Awareness)

2-Movember (Prostate Cancer Awareness)

3-International Women’s Day activities

4-World AIDS Day activities

5-Workshops on maternal and child health, sexually transmitted infections and comprehensive
sexuality education
6-Activities on Gender Based Violence.


SCORA’s Team

  • Alaq Khalid AlMuwali, National Officer 2014 2015

  • Sana AbdulSahibYousif, National Officer 2015 2016
  • Raam Munther
  • Ahmed Hussein Ali
  • Aysha Mohammed Shawki
  • Adyan Zahu
  • Afyaa Q. Mohamed
  • Ali Hassan
  • Ali Maytham Asheer
  • Mohammed Salah


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