This is Public Health!


The Standing Committee on Public Health (SCOPH) is the first committee to be activated within
ifmsa-iraq.It started with Your Health First in 2012, and then expanded to be the largest
committee in ifmsa-iraq today. SCOPH works mainly on Public Health issues including
communicable diseases, noncommunicable diseases, nutrition and health awareness and

SCOPH aims to build future Iraqi physicians with the skills and knowledge needed to work on
the most pressing public health issues facing Iraq and the region. By providing the training,
networking, material and onfield experience, SCOPH is becoming the strongest base for
medical students’ involvement in public health in Iraq.


Main Projects:

1-Your Health First (YHF)

2-Dental Care (Your Teeth Matter) (YTM)

3-Your First Aid (YFA)

4-Mental Health

8-School Health

9-TB Free

10-IDPs Help


SCOPH’s Team

  • Ahmed Alobaidi, National Officer 2015 2016
  • Ahmed Aqeel Shaker, National Officer 2014 2015
  • Helen S. Hana, National Officer 2013 2014 
  • Muthanna Ibrahim Nayyef
  • Mustafa Ayad
  • Ali Sabti
  • Saad Amer Kamal
  • Duha Mohammed
  • Ali Saif
  • Majeed Alnajar
  • Ali Kareem
  • Heyam Basil
  • Mohammed J. Hasen
  • Rafel Shawkat


Learn more about SCOPH’s international work here


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