The Projects Support Division (PSD) is mainly interested in empowering initiatives by ifmsa-Iraq's main power fulcrum: Members!


Making it possible for every ifmsa-Iraq member to create and lead their own project or campaign, and providing them with all the support that they need. And work  as a resourceprovider to the ifmsa-Iraq Team of Officials.


  • Created ifmsa-Iraq shared database.
  • Worked with VPI to start a reporting/evaluating/projects proposing system.
  • Started action using the system and assigned helpers in each Standing Committee.
  • Started a calendar to coordinate and record the timings and events using a shared account with all EB/TO members
  • Started recording the progress of  ifmsa-Iraq in an automatically programmed flow charts created over the members and officers evaluations and reports respectively.
  • Created  In cooperation with the National Exchange Officer, created an exchange database with full feedback and registration system.
  • Created a scoring program to cooperate with the the VPI's scoring system.
  • Helped the Treasurer in continuous support to start the financial plan . Assigned a PSD advisor/assistant
  • Continuously connecting with members for information and support
  • Encouraging proposals and accepting them.


Duha Mohammed  Project Support Division Director 2015  2016

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