Exchange the World!

The first standing committee within ifmsa was the Standing Committee on Professional
Exchange (SCOPE) in 1951. It started small, beginning with only 8 European countries, but
since then has grown into one of the largest studentrun
exchange program in the world, with
more than 1.5 million medical students from 98 National Member Organizations participating
until today. The SCOPE exchange program is a quality educational and cultural experience
organized entirely by medical students with the help of their medical faculties.
The program aims to promote cultural understanding and cooperation
amongst medical
students and all health professionals, through the facilitation of international student exchanges.
SCOPE aims to give all students the opportunity to learn about global health, and attains this
partly by having its exchanges accredited by medical faculties across the world.
In Iraq SCOPE was the last Committee to be activated in February 2015. We were able to sign
contracts to send our students in Exchanges in the Last March Meeting in 2015 in Turkey.
SCOPE In Iraq in the last term and in this term is only sending outgoing
students without
receiving any incomings (unilateral exchange only) due to our country’s situation but our
amazing team will do its best to receive students starting in 20162017.
Last year, we sent 5 students in SCOPE Exchanges to do a clinical internship for 4 weeks and
enjoy the amazing cities they visited. Our exchange season started in July till the end of
September. During these months our students enjoyed the great experience of being the first
Iraqis to participate in a medical exchange.
Our outgoing students were divided into different countries including Germany, Greece,
Lebanon and Iran.
This year, we have many more contracts and we are ready to receive your application to
participate in the exchanges. Don't Hesitate to apply! It’s your chance to develop your skills as a
future doctor.

Join SCOPE exchanges today and ex(change) the world!



Research Me!


The ifmsa Research Exchange is a research project that provides medical students with the
opportunity to deepen their knowledge in the specific area of their research interest. This
program is officially recognized and supported by the medical school/university and is guided by
a mentor who introduces exchange students to the basic principles of research, including
literature search, data collection, scientific writing, laboratory work, statistics and ethics.
As SCORE, The Standing Committee on Research Exchange, we offer medical students the
opportunity to be included in a research program, which may they never get the opportunity to
be included in during their time as medical students.
In ifmsa-Iraq , SCORE was activated 2014 at the August Meeting in Taiwan, where contracts
were signed with 5 different countries to do researches. Now, SCORE is activated in 5
universities in Baghdad and in other universities in Basrah and AlQadisiyah.
We had a research project in Baghdad Medical College, where we can accept incoming foreign students
to do a research program. This Summer, 5 Iraqi students were selected to do researches in
Poland, Tunisia and Turkey. Successfully, they completed their research and had amazing

Now, we have about 12 available exchange seats in Tunisia, Spain, Germany, poland ,Turkey
and Iran.

As SCORE we aim to:

  • Enhance the academic quality of the medical curricula and the theoretical knowledge in the
    field of medical research on basic science and clinical science with/without lab work.

  • Facilitate collaboration and partnership between different medical universities and create an
    international web of medical students by supporting a sense of cross cultural communication
    and global friendship

  • Enable medical students to see and experience the currently available different approaches to
    medical research, medical education and health care systems to broaden their horizons

  • While doing research in qualified universities from all over the world in clinical and preclinical
    fields you will also get to know cultural riches of the country and spend an unforgettable 4
    weeks experience.

Join SCORE exchanges today and research the world!


The team working on Exchanges

  • Alhassan Bashar, National Officer for SCOPE, 2014 2016

  • Juman Taiyb AlDoori, National Officer for SCORE, 2015 2016
  • ThuAlfagar Gani, National Officer for SCORE, 2014 2015
  • Asal Hariri, National Officer for SCORE, 2013 2014
  •  Shadan Khorsheed
  • Ahmed Ibrahim
  • Ali Raad
  • Sarah Adil
  • Dur AlTukmachi
  • Aaya Kareem


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SCORE’s work here:

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