The Alumni Support Division (ASD) is a newly activated division within  ifmsa-Iraq that liaises with the graduate doctors who worked within ifmsa-Iraq.

It provides alumni who want to follow the events of the organization with regular updates. The alumni are considered as a great resource of medical and practical experience that ifmsa-Iraq members need in their events , projects and meetings.

Main Tasks

  1. Maintains the ifmsa alumni database

  2. Facilitates and helps with ifmsa-Iraq development.

  3. Make use of the alumni knowledge and expertise on the clinical and project management levels.
  4. Supports and helps all the Standing Committees through:
  • Providing the Alumni Information Booklet to fully prepare the members on the clinical knowledge needed regarding the health awareness events and ways to communicate with the public during these events. (Main beneficiaries are SCOPH and SCORA)

  • Providing trainings on basic life support and other emergency medicine sessions which would  be of a great help in the academic and practical life of the students, in addition to providing
    workshops that connect the graduate with undergraduate students to make use of their experience. (Main beneficiary is SCOME)

  • Accompany students during their onfield events, especially to the IDPs. (Main beneficiary is SCORP.)


Mustafa S. AlMukhtar, 2015 2016

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